Virus Removal
& Data Security





Computer Setup

Upgrade older operating systems or perform a clean install to optimize and restore your system.
A clean install speeds up your system and completely eliminates virus and malware infections.

Network Planning, Design, Installation services

Cloud, LAN, VPN, WAN, Wired, Wifi, Routing, Firewalls, File Sharing, Network Installation, Configuration and security. Network Servers: Installation, configuration, and administration

(Windows Server 2003, 2008™, Small Business Server 2011™, and 2012 Server Essentials/Standard ™ )


Home Network Planning, Design, Installation Services

Wifi, Surveillance Cameras, DDNS, Game Systems, Media Boxes, Routing, Firewalls, File Sharing, Network Installation, Configuration and security.

Home Media Servers: Installation, configuration, and administration.


Malware Removal, Prevention

Malware is a general term used to refer to a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software.  Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware, and other malicious programs.


We install a reliable anti-virus program to regularly defend your computer from infection.  An antivirus is a program that uses a list of known malicious programs to guard your system's files. Most New PC's ship with a trial for a paid antivirus that expires in 1-2 months and then asks for about $50 per year.  In our experience, this software is weak and vulnerable and not as powerful as other free alternatives that we can recommend or install for you.

Computer slower than it used to be?  You may need a tune-up.

Windows PCs and Macs typically slow down as applications are installed and used. Whether using word processing, spreadsheets, internet, games or anything else, hard drives fill with temporary files that do not always get removed when no longer needed.  Usually conducting disk defrag, registry defrag and cleaning system junk and hidden errors will clean up/speed up a slow computer.

Custom Built PC or Server

From entry-level to systems to a business workstation or 3D graphics powerhouse.  A custom built PC is a great way to increase value and flexibility.


Each build includes:

Case and parts assembly

OS installation

Standard driver installation


For parts selections we use and recommend

Hardware Install, Replace, Upgrade

CPU, Power Supply, Disk Drive, Memory, Graphics Adapter, Motherboard, Chassis, Cooling Systems.

Productivity Software Installation, Configuration and Training.

Get help with office, graphics, video, publishing, utility and web software titles from Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Quark , Quickbooks, Autodesk and more.

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