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Hello technology users.  Welcome to The Cheaper Geek, a computer, network, mobile, audio/video and digital media company dedicated to offering excellent, quality service at a reasonable price.  We offer help with your technology, whether that is your PC or Mac computer, mobile device, network, digital camera, printer, video equipment, software, home theater, or security / surveillance camera systems.  We assist with a variety of popular technologies including system builds, installation, upgrades, repair services, and software configuration.  We offer training and support for the technology you use.  Our goal is to make your technology work for you with less frustration and expense.  We speed up slow computers and make sure you are protected from viruses and malware.  We can help you create digital media and get your website on the internet.


If you have been frustrated with expensive tech-support plans at the big box stores or the inflated hourly rates for on-site service, give Cheaper Geek a call.  We can help you learn to save time, energy, and money.


I have been repairing PCs and computer networks since the early 1990s.  After working as both an IT administrator and electrical design engineer, I became aware of the enormous need for reasonably priced and honest technology services.  I am still amazed at the amount of secrecy some tech companies maintain over YOUR systems and projects.  My goal is to take the mystery out of technology and empower people to use technology in a way which help them to achieve their goals without becoming dependent on an impersonal and expensive tech company.


Kevin Michael Miller,  The Cheaper Geek  -  July, 2014 -  Fairview Park, Ohio

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